• Tiggidys Beginning

    Born up north, based in Sussex with roots in the South of England, Tiggidy was founded in 2021 with a goal of bringing old furniture back to life. After taking a moment to evaluate the sheer volume of reclaimed wood and the fire hazard that would continue to grow due to inadequate storage, a shift in direction too place.

  • The Tigman

    In early 2022 the house range was created. Being the sole product line and main focus for several months. Little was known that a tiny matchstick arm laid at the corner of the workbench would build into the entire identity of Tiggidy Designs, the Tigman

  • Commissions

    If you are fond of what you see but would like something a bit more personal, Tiggidys here to help. Drop a message so we can get to work on making you your very own Tigman!